Welcome to Lomalita!  


This fiery habanero sauce was created with the idea to make one  hot sauce that could truly go on anything.  

After cleaning out my fridge one day & realizing I had 26 bottles

of  hot sauce, I set out to create my own.  

I wanted a sauce to enhance the flavors of my food, rather than  change or overpower them. And Lomalita does this with

all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, & a dash of

San Juan Island Sea salt!

Loma is my very large, very joyful American Bulldog. She is bright, bold, fiery, & her zest for life was my inspiration for Lomalita.   ​ 


 ​   Lomalita really can go on anything! From tacos to sandwiches, salads to pizza...I've even heard it's good on ice cream!  ​  ​


We hope you enjoy Lomalita. 

It is made with lots of peppers & love!  ​  

 -Caroline & Loma

2018 by Lomalita Hot Sauce